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 Testimonials from Fire Diamond Initiation

Chad:"The Fire Diamond Initiation is the single most powerful experience Timothy has led me through. I have known and worked with Timothy for over four years, both in the group setting of a Chi Aura Workshop, and in individual private sessions.  The Fire Diamond Initiation has given me a sense of peace and calm that I have not known before. It has also given me clarity so I can act with certainty in achieving my goals. It has also helped me to dissolve my old pattern of procrastination."

"It has also deepened my connection to my Soul, God, and the oneness that connects all things. I highly recommend this to anyone who desires more peace, clarity, and a sense of connection to the people and world around them. Thank You, Timothy."

Linda:"John and I did the Fire Diamond Initiation, together, a few weeks ago. Going through the initiation with another person was very natural and in fact a "whole" experience: It was a bringing together of parts into a wholeness - holiness. I have been doing the fire meditaion daily and the clarity of working with my angelic team is LOUD and CLEAR!. I do not know where I am being led... yet. I am being groomed daily-energetically and with new insights. FASCINATING!!!!!!

Christina:"Last week my spiritual guides told me that big changes in my aura would happen soon. I did not know what they were talking about. When Timothy told me about the Fire Diamond, and I felt the energy, I knew it would change my life fundamentally, and I knew I wanted to start the cooperation with it. When I had the initiation yesterday, I experienced a lot of things energetically in my inner world, and I was given information which I will summarize here: The Fire Diamond is making quick changes, and is fundamentally restructuring my aura in a balanced and safe way. This is very strong, and I will be taken care of during the whole process."

"I can provide most benefit in my community by using my skills to work with refugees to repair fundamental scars on the human soul. Something about helping them to connect/reconnect the contact to the value in their culture, ethnicity, and family."

"After receiving the initiation with the Fire Diamond, I can now heal my fellow creatures by looking into their eyes. The eyes are the portal for souls to meet each other. I can transmit the essence of my life story to them through the eyes. A story that contains the essence of how I, as a human being, have moved from the deepest, darkness  imprisonment into light, love, and freedom. (“If I can, you can as well”)."

"Even though I have worked very seriously with learning, and have worked with healing for 17 years, I was told by my guides that I had only been playing as a child until now. Now I will be working seriously, and very deeply effecting life changes with people."

"The strong violet energy came, and I felt integrated as the new energy spread all over my body. The energy is very deep, changing, and healing."

"I felt very grateful for having this Initiation. My Guides told me that I had already been prepared for the Diamond on the last workshop when Timothy talked about it. They do need employees to help on the Earth. And because they could see I really wanted to help people they wanted me in this project. They need someone to work through. They can not do it without cooperating people."

"The Diamond can warmly be recommended."

Testimonials from workshops

Todd: "It's an experience in intensity!!!"

Margeaux: "I like the space that Timothy holds - playful, excited, and open. It was a really amazing experience!!”

Rena: "It was great!! I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to use my own healing power and the opportunity to have the experiences as well as the observation. I have felt since last Saturday that I went through heart surgery. Timothy creates a wonderfully safe and secure environment."

Margeaux: "I like that he doesn't try to be a Guru. He is very empowering to the participants."

Rena: "Timothy is definitely a master teacher in his teaching style, very humble."

Liah: "Timothy has the ability to help one travel to many dimensions simultaneously. Thus healing can occur on multiple levels. A session with Timothy can be  profound and  deeply moving,  and mind altering. You may see your life through new eyes, through the eyes of love. Your body may be more relaxed and  filled with vitality. These sessions have the potential to reconnect you with your original innocence and wisdom. They also may help you to release pent up tightness stored in the body,from this life and past lives. Master Timothy Dunphy is astute at tuning in to his client's needs on many levels so that the most complete healing can happen. He is fearless in his willingness to get in there and help remove the blocks. He is truly a magician of the highest degree. Chi-Aura Integration is a powerful method of transformation.

Testimonials from private sessions

While I believe no spiritual healing practice we undertake exists in isolation with the other elements comprising our soul journey, nonetheless, certain experiences resonate with us as pivotal. My work with Timothy Dunphy has been such an experience. Since my work with Timothy, combined with my own spiritual practice (I feel the two have complemented each other), I have reached a more unified place. Aside from a chronic pain that was entirely eliminated in the first session, my life is flowing in surprising and more fulfilling directions. Synchronicities, "divine timings" the sense of things as "perfect as they are," combined with the feeling of connecting to the world from a deeper place inside myself, echo in my soul as experienced truths instead of intellectual affirmations. In short, I feel the work has the capacity to be as powerful as the intentions brought to it. I truly believe Divine assistance is available to us in proportion to the willingness we bring to be permeated with its power. Timothy´s work provides access to this powerful, transformational, healing force, which is our birthright, and he brings the client to this place of divine assistance with humor, caring, skill and great energy. Thank you Timothy for doing this work. Bless you for healing the planet exponentially, one person at a time. Susanne Spitzer, Events Coordinator, East West.

Timothy Dunphy has learned much about energy and its movements from his years of martial arts, and incorporates it into an astounding healing process that is impossible to describe.  It is his own spontaneous genuine gift to his clients. With an intuitive genius, he feels the places that need healing.  He cajoles, loves and even frightens the dis-ease to leave his client's body. His weekend workshop was remarkable. Everyone felt the energy and learned not only specific moves, but how to incorporate the ideas behind the healings into their own work.  It was so successful that a group of us have been meeting together once a week since then to work on each other.  The exquisite meditation on the coming together of Earth and Heaven that Dunphy taught us opens our sessions together, but it has been fascinating to watch how the various moves change into our own personal patterning as we progress. I want to recommend Timothy Dunphy both as a remarkable private practitioner, really totally unlike anyone else I have encountered and as a teacher whose humor and compassion simply shine!! Chi-Aura is a most important adjunct for any healing practice.  I highly recommend, also, his private sessions for those who simply wish toreceive a healing.  I can't describe them, but they are extraordinary experiences that are yet grounded in the ordinary.  Timothy Dunphy assists the healing on all levels, physical, emotional, psychical. Elizabeth Gips.

Esalen Workshop:
Wonderful! I got everything I asked for and more. I was able to let go of a lot of held energy. I have never had so much happen in a workskop and I had fun doing it! I love all the people in our group. Timothy was so gererous with his time, energy and caring!

Wonderful! I got what I came for. Timothy is a master of Chi Energy and taught with integrity and compassion!

What I received from Timothy was so synchoronistically perfect for my needs I  remain amazed. His energy, sense of humor and power as an energy healer were always present. He is extremely professional while open as a human being. Incredible trauma release! This work has increased my self trust and I am anxious to incorporate the technniques in my own healing sessions with my clients.

It is a profoundly personal experience and a unique opportunity to experience oneself in the supportive, gifted presence of Timothy. The one on one work that I've done with him has altered my perceptions of what is possible for a person to experience energetically and viscerally.

During most sessions I have experienced my body creating movement and sound from depths that my conscious mind hasn´t known nor could create. The spontaneous expressions are intense and full of mystery. They are archetypal and ancient. They come forth with a magnitude that epitomizes empowerment. Some have felt like a reclaiming of my inherent nature. What is amazing to me is how fully alive I am doing this work!

Timothy´s way of working gets me in touch with the beauty of the primitive, the timeless, the complete action, the integrated body, mind, spirit within the individual and the collective on earth and beyond...

I felt an emptying of anger and a filling of peace and forgiveness as  my body filled with light.  Martial Arts Champion

I have been in recovery from sexual abuse that occurred 23 years ago, for the past year and a half. The experience I had with Timothy has been the most profound of all the work I have done during this time. This was my first encounter with energy work, and I was amazed at the incredible changes that took place. While it was happening, I detached myself to the point that I was never able to regain any memory of the actual rape. I only knew it happened.

Since that session, the fear that had lived as a ball of fire inside of me has disappeared completely! More than a month has passed and the fear and memories of that night have not revisited me. I feel that I have finally been released from the shadow of my past experience, and have witnessed healing progressing at a much accelerated rate. Although I have other issues still to work through, I know the major block to my healing has been removed permanently, and I feel that my spirit is alive and well inside of me once again! Participant, Tools of the Spirit, Hawaii

Couples Experience Deep Intimate Connections - A couple reports: 

Having done the session with my  wife was a great joy for me. We are very much one with each other, and feeling the energy  flowing from the soles of my feet through the palms of her hands was delightful! Husband, Tools of the Spirit, Hawaii

I felt Timothys energy going through my body when I sat down on the chair at the end of the table and held my husbands toe. I let my energy go with Timothys and felt it go though my body and back to my husband! I felt my husbands energy go through my body and energize my 2nd chakra. Sexual energy began flowing around my thighs and genitals. I felt at one with him while holding his head and eyes. Wife, Tools of the Spirit, Hawaii

Experience Alignment with Divine Innocence

It seems like the energy is coming back directly into my body pure and clean. It was like my body and mind became one. I felt connected to myself which, in the last part of the session, transformed into a connection which I have never experienced before. I find it hard to describe with worlds. Seems they can never cover that experience and will only be metaphors. It was like being connected with earth and this world and much greater that that. Like a meeting with God. Never  had a spiritual experience like this before! This was a birthing feeling. I now have this deep sense of belonging in this world. NLP participant, Denmark 

My first experience was that I was met with an energy strong enough to connect me with the inner center of earth and to the universal. This gave me balance and the strength I needed. Following the 2nd session, I had the fantastic experience of having my third eye open! I feel balanced and grateful. NLP Master Practitioner, Denmark

Shamanistic Energy Experienced

I asked you to open my 2nd chakra, the weakest in me, and now I can feel it vibrating in harmony with rest of my body.

During a session, the Light that enters me is a miracle! I will always remember the beautiful Light and how it makes me feel inside.

I could feel my muscles and tissue rearranging/reorganizing in my lower  belly especially in the left side close to the hip. It was as if the body had to adjust to a new core.  NLP participant, Denmark 

Direct Communication With Spirit Guides

At the beginning of the session, Timothy felt the presence of a spirit who was there to help me, along with others who were there to lend support. I told him about my father who is dead, but who I knew had been with me constantly since the beginning of my recovery process a year and a half ago. The others were spirits who have visited me from time to time to give me comfort and  inspire my work on an important project. I too felt their presence.