Healing, learning, personal development.


This is the simple, but powerful form of energetic healing which Timothy will teach to you to balance the chakras. What you do and where you work with your hands, the Chi-Aura Integration, combines naturally with the shamanistic elements of the experience. You will learn to bring the body’s energy system (Chi) into balance with the electro-magnetic-vibrational fields surrounding the physical body (Aura).

Chi-Aura Integration helps you to open yourself and allow your energetic body to be:

  • Cleansed of intra-psychic blocks and resistance to your personal fulfillment

  • Opened to its natural flow while you are re-charged

  • Lovingly touched

  • Aligned with divine innocence

  • Revitalize the bones

  • Work specifically to relieve panic/anxiety attacks

  • Focused toward profound healing at all levels of your being

While healing the energies in and around the body, Timothy uses sounds and movements to create a powerful and unique experience for the client.

Timothy opens himself to his spiritual guides as well as animal archetypes. They are used to assist him in the healing process of removing physical and emotional blocks in the person being healed.

The client can have a variety of experiences: They may feel warmth from Timothy's hands, tingling in the body, their body may involuntarily jerk or move in large rhytmic waves as the energy bodies rearrange in varying degrees as the energetic patterns rearrange. The client may touch upon deep emotion and laugh, cry, scream, pound the table, or simply lay there quietly in a state of deep relaxation.

Timothy may himself move, dance, laugh, cry, scream, sing, chant or make a variety of sounds. The sounds produce an harmonic integration within the chakras to stimulate the release of old trauma and inner psychic debris.

Workshops are beneficial for anyone in the healing professions. You will learn how to become more sensitive to and assist your clients in removing the energetic currents that are limiting their ability to move forward in their lives.