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Is There a Shaman in Your Closet?


Several impressions stimulate my imagination upon hearing about shamans: they heal the village with magic; common items like bones, shells, and feathers are used to divine the nature of illness; mysterious incantations exorcise demons; and incredibly unique costumes separate and identify them within the village.

Shamans enter altered states of mind and use seen and unseen forces in nature to heal. Ritual dance, sacred drugs, and other methods help them pierce the thin veil of non-ordinary reality to contact inner guides and animal spirits who assist in the healings. These skills are developed during an arduous and lengthy process of initiation. They are either born into a lineage and are taught their entire lives or find someone that give personal instructions. Carlos Castaneda and his teacher Don Juan are examples of the latter.

Stumbling upon a teacher in the jungle is, at best, a remote possibility. Developing powerful shamanistic healing skills may seem unattainable. But, if we consider the similarities we share with indigenous shamans, we can, at least, become effective instruments in healing our community.

The common denominator  is the human body! We may not have  years of tradition and personalized training, but we do have  years of inhabiting the healing instrument.

If it is true that ideas can change a human being, consider the following ideas that scientific research proposes about our body. With this information, we can all use our natural abilities and assist others to heal.

Our body has the piezoelectric property of matter. This means when  pressure is applied, be it mechanical as in massage; energetic as in heat, sound, light, or electromagnetic as emanates from the palms of the hand (heat from the hands are highly coherent forms of radiation), the structure of the human cell changes. It changes from a gel-like substance to a solution. This change in structure allows toxins to release from within the cell wall and be excreted in the urine or sweat. This is why it´s important to drink water after receiving energy-work or a massage.

The beauty of this reality is that we all have the inherent ability to use our body as an instrument of healing. There are many modalities available as well as methods of enhancing these natural gifts.

Chi-Aura Integration, Zero Balancing, Reiki, Polarity, and the many forms of massage are avenues to investigate our inborn abilities. Chi-Kung, Tai Chi, Yoga and martial arts are daily practices that will increase our capacity to use coherent light.

A scientific study demonstrated that those who diligently practice  any of the above modalities can develop the ability to emit an electromagnetic field from the palms of the hand that is 1000 times as strong as that produced by the human heart which produces the strongest field in the body.

We may not have been born into a tradition of shamanism, but we do have the ability to use our bodies and the unseen electromagnetic fields to assist each other in our healing, share in our changes, and witness our transformations. Perhaps, after all, there is a shaman in your closet.