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Connecting With The Hearts of Heaven and Earth


Sit comfortably on a chair with your feet on the floor, back straight without contacting the chair, and hands on your knees or cupped in your lap. Take several deep breaths to calm your mind and relax.

Imagine the Heart of the Earth vibrating in her center. You can feel her pulse as the energy expands upward towards you. As her heart beats, she sends forth a color. Notice that color as it moves upward to enter your body.

Focus your attention on the soles of your feet. By concentrating on this chakra, the energy is drawn upward, touches your feet, and enters your body. Notice that by simply concentrating on that spot, the energy is automatically drawn into your legs. Remain at this point for two to three minutes.

Next begin to concentrate on the chakra behind your knee. The warm, tingling energy moves to the point behind your knees. Remain at this point  two or three minutes. You may begin to feel a warm or tingling sensation in the muscles of your lower legs as the energy  enters your body from the Heart of the Earth.

Begin to focus on the first Chakra. By simply concentrating, the energy moves. There is no need to force the energy. It is automatically drawn there by focusing at this point. You may feel warm sensations entering from the soles of your feet, going up your legs and thighs and entering  the 1st Chakra. Remain at this point  two or three minutes.

Next draw your attention to the 2nd Chakra. The energy moves to this point simply by focusing your mind. Remain here two or three minutes.

Move your attention to the 3rd Chakra. Simply by concentrating, the energy moves from the Heart of the Earth into the soles of your feet, and all of the other points. Remain here  two or three minutes.

Repeat this exercise all the way to the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra). Now you can feel the energy open the top of your head and shoot all the way into the Heart of the Heavens. As his heart beats, it sends forth a color. Notice that color.

As the energy from the heart of the Earth  reaches the center of the Heavens, you realize there is a stream of energy moving from the Heavens downward. It enters your body at the Crown and moves downward into the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, behind the knees, out of the soles of the feet and goes deep into the Heart of the Earth.

The molecules of energy are moving so fast both upwards and downwards that as they pass each other in your body, they vibrate and make a humming sound. You can feel the vibration and hear the sound and see the color of the column of Love and Light formed by these two beating hearts as you concentrate on the molecules passing through each other. This is the column of Love and Light into which all things are brought into wholeness. Experience this sensation for two or three minutes.

Now focus on the column of Love and Light moving within your body collecting in your heart Chakra. Feel it leave your heart and enter the chakra in your armpits. Feel this for two or three minutes.

The energy now extends into the insides of your elbows. Feel this for two or three minutes.

Now it enters your palms. Feel this for two or three minutes.

At this point, pick your hands up, face the palms towards each other, and imagine the energy coming into your left hand, through your heart, out your right hand and back into your left. Make a circle of light move faster and faster and then reverse the circle causing the light to go up the right, through the heart and out the left. Again, make it go extremely fast and reverse it again. This will assist you in feeling the thickness of energy as it moves in your body.

As you progress with your meditation, less time is required at each Chakra. Once you can feel the energy at each point, you can lessen the amount of time at each Chakra and move into the final step. Remember to meditate for at least three  minutes at a time. The more time you can set aside for your meditation the  better. If you have a difficult time setting aside large amounts of time in one session, it is better to meditate for three minutes a day than not  at all.

In the beginning, it is important to go through all stages of this meditation in order to stay safe, balanced, and connected to both Heaven and Earth.