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Due to the prohibitive increase in hospital expenses, medical insurance, and modern drugs, people are turning to alternative methods of healing. We rely on their ability to connect us with deeper parts of ourselves to access the healing powers innate within us. Energy medicine advocates believe in a universal source of healing power that can be accessed using various methods of meditation and ancient techniques to bring well being to those in need. Perhaps most common, is the ancient practice of acupuncture which uses needles to stimulate this universal source of energy called chi or qui which runs along meridians that feed and nourish the entire body.

Besides acupuncture, other practices claiming to tap into this same source are: Reiki, Chi-Aura Integration, Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch, Zero Balancing, and Healing Touch to name a few. In her article, “Energy Healing, A Complementary Treatment for Orthopaedic and Other Conditions”, Ellen Di Nucci lists many conditions that have realized benefit from alternative methods. To name a few: temporomandibular joint disorder, wrist fractures, cardiovascular health, cancer, wound healing, neonatal stress, pain, fibromyalgia, AIDS, and anxiety.

The high cost of hospital bills and pharmaceutical drugs, as well as overcrowded patient care facilities, necessitate using other methods to heal our sick. This paper will point out the natural progression of using martial arts training as a stepping stone to proficiency in an alternative healing modality. Scientific data will show the human body to possess an intelligence that merely needs recognition and use to be an effective instrument for healing.

In these times of need, it is our responsibility as martial artists to balance our training. Not only can we learn self-defense, we must learn to heal ourselves and those in our communities.

Energy Medicine and the Martial Artist

The martial arts have become a popular form of exercise for people of all ages. With the growing number of martial arts movies, particularly since Bruce Lee starred in “Enter the Dragon”, the martial arts are ingrained in the minds and hearts of millions of people throughout the world. The Korean art of Taekwondo has grown in popularity internationally and is now an official Olympic sport. College scholarships can be won by students who have proven themselves as competent competitors along with the recommendation of their Master Instructor as having fulfilled their duties as a senior student in the dojang.

Peruse the shelves of any bookstore or library and you will find literally thousands of books that describe the ancient arts, the modern adaptations, and the creative combinations of several arts taught under one instructor. In times when violence is escalating, there is a need for the population to learn self-defense. In a time when both parents work, there is a need for constructive after school programs to educate children in self-protection skills, as well as support family values and nurture positive mental attitudes that will encourage children to respect themselves and others, eat healthy foods, stay physically fit, and adapt social attitudes that foster a healthy society.

Most of the literature on the martial arts consists of describing the basic philosophy as well as fundamental physical skills or the “how to” of each distinct art form. There are many books on how to perform each physical technique, the patterns, and the street defense applications of basic movements. Not much literature can be found on how to use training as a method to develop “healing skills” which are also inherent in each art.

This paper will show how the martial arts develop our magnificent body, into an “instrument” that can be used to assist others to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual injuries. Scientific research will be quoted that substantiates the incredible healing properties we possess. First, do the following quick exercise to experience the fundamental source of energy used in these alternative practices:
Place your tongue on the top of your mouth just behind the upper teeth. Rub the palms of your hands together vigorously for about ten seconds. Next, shake them vigorously for ten seconds. Repeat this one more time. Now, hold the palms from six to eight inches apart, close your eyes, and focus on the space between your hands.

You may immediately notice heat, tingling sensations, or a magnetic field between your palms. Continue focusing for three minutes and notice how you feel. You may have more saliva in your mouth; experience a deeper sense of relaxation; and/or notice that your breathing and heart rate have lowered. These are signs you are entering the deeper brain wave state of Alpha and are beginning your journey into your healing potential. Continue reading for further explanation.

Respect and the Heart

The first technique learned as a beginning student is the “Bow”. Students are taught to bow when they enter and leave the dojang; bow when they approach their Master Instructor or senior students; bow when they enter or leave the training area, and bow to each other before and after completing partner exercises. New students are taught that bowing develops self-respect while learning to respect others. Respect creates an atmosphere of open hearted learning making students receptive to the philosophy of the art as well as developing the attitude to use the power gained from the physical skills in appropriate ways. The appropriate use of power is an essential element in any martial art and the concept of respect will see to it that it is followed.

Bowing to the spirit of the person you are training with helps establish an atmosphere of cooperation between students, even if they have personal “issues” between them. Respect maintains a constructive atmosphere in any dojang and develops the heart as an essential element of training. The act of respectful bowing represents a metaphor that extends into every aspect of life. The heart is the center of love. Love develops gratitude and thankfulness. Someone once said, “Ultimately, saying “thank you” is the only prayer you need”. The scientific implications of “love” and “gratitude” expressed as “thank you” will be expounded upon later.

It is important to understand what the “heart” is, and how it develops the ability to be a channel for healing. Two important characteristics are: One: The heart produces the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, and, Two: It’s energy field is holographic.

As Paul Pearsall says in his book, “The Heart’s Code”, “The heart’s EMF (electromagnetic field) is five thousand times more powerful than the electromagnetic field produced by the brain, and, in addition to its immense power, has subtle, nonsocial effects that travel within these forms of energy.... It is possible that the heart, because of its immense energy potential, is the primary center of “L’ energy conduction.” (I am using “L’ energy in the same way that martial artists use the term “Ki” or “Chi”).

Using the same book as a resource, we find that the heart’s electromagnetic field extends up to fifteen feet beyond the body and is strongest within the first three feet. If we know we are connected to the “field” of an opponent, we can train to become sensitive to reading this “field” in order to determine when he/she will begin their attack. The field also holds information as to which energy meridian is weakest. Knowing this directs your attack or counterattack to the specific weak area that can debilitate your opponent with a single blow to a precise spot. This critical information is useful in combat situations, but this paper is about using energy and sensitivity to assist in healing. Let us continue.

The heart’s electromagnetic field is holographic. This means that each and every part of the field contains “information from the whole field”. Here is an example: if you were to cut the nose out of a picture that was not holographic and ask people to describe what they saw, they would say they saw a nose. If, however, you cut the nose out of a holographic picture and asked people what they saw, they would report seeing the entire picture. Each part of a hologram contains information from the whole.

These two facts, the heart is a powerful electromagnetic field that extends at least fifteen feet beyond the physical body, and this field is holographic, are important in healing because they connect us to information available in the entire universe. This may seem to be a preposterous statement, but it is true.

Scientist say that the entire universe is a system of interconnecting holographic electromagnetic fields. There is a “heart of the Earth” or a holographic electromagnetic field that extends from the center of the Earth into vast reaches of outer space. The sun also has a “holographic heart” that extends into the vast reaches of outer space. Scientists say there are thousands upon thousands of intersecting holographic electromagnetic fields that form the universe. Our heart intersects with the field of the Earth which intersects the field of the sun which intersects etc. etc. thus connecting every particle of the universe with every other particle of the universe. In essence, we are all connected to each other and everything else in the universe at all times! We have access to all of the information in the universe at all times. We simply need to access the information we already have and use it appropriately.

The energy produced by the heart is a powerful form of electromagnetic connectedness. With this, and the power of meditation, we can access deep resources of information contained within our cellular memory, and use our bodies as a healing instrument. This powerful field of connectedness “entrains” the hearts of those in need of healing. Entrainment is the capacity of objects to synchronize and beat at the same rhythm. More will be discussed about entrainment after we develop the ability of the martial artist to meditate.


In the book, “The Book of Family Traditions on the Art of War,” Yagyu Munenori says, “Keeping the inner mind attentive, like a duck swimming on the water, calm above while paddling below, when this practice builds up, the inner mind and outside both melt, so that the inside and outside become one, without the slightest obstruction. To reach this state is the supreme attainment.” He also states, “To fix the mind obsessively on anything is considered sickness. Since all of these various sicknesses are in the mind, the thing is to tune the mind by getting rid of such afflictions.”

As martial artists, we spend thousands of hours engaged in vigorous and, sometimes, extreme physical practice in order to develop the prowess to execute our art. But, the supreme attainment, as Munenori states, is to “tune the mind”. Tuning the mind allows us to activate the physical skills when they are needed. We can forget what we have learned, (that is, we no longer have to “think” about the technique. It has become a part of our muscle memory and we will react automatically) and respond appropriately and effectively in a self-defense situation. This application of the physical aspect of the art can be attained by a combination of physical practice and learning to still the mind. Stilling the mind has far greater applications than physical execution.

Stories abound with tales of Masters who can “sense” when danger is present, and predict when an opponent will strike before they strike. They read an opponents intention before their action. They accomplish this by entering what Stanislav Grof calls the “transpersonal domain”. It is within this domain that a person acquires the ability to be a channel for healing. It is also within this domain that the Korean Shamans access their power. It is here where they gain the ability to stand barefoot on sharp swords and access their healing abilities while doing so. Before we delve into the science of the shamanic tradition and how it relates to martial artist specifically, here is more information.

The shamanic principle states that all life is interconnected. This interconnection is the glue holding its many aspects together. Larry Dossey (Healing Beyond the Body) states, "Shamanism gives up control. It suggests that we need to relent and surrender, and acknowledge powers and forces greater than the rational mind. It honors mystery. It honors powers and knowledge greater than the own individual self and ego. In contrast, in modern medicine we honor reason and the self. So in order to practice shamanic medicine, you have to take a different perspective and set the ego aside and become one with the world and the powers that transcend an individual´s sense of self." This helps us realize that the “inside and outside are one” as Munenori states.

The martial artist gives up control and becomes a conduit for the healing powers of the world greater than the personal ego. By becoming connected to the transpersonal world, we access the "open mind field" of intelligence and healing occurs at many levels in our mind, body, and spirit. Stanislav Grof (Psychology of the Future) speaks of the transpersonal as "experiences of oneness with other people, life forms; experiences that transcend time, such as ancestral experiences, experiences of the collective unconscious; past incarnations, and those from the mythological, archetypal domain of the collective unconscious. Indigenous cultures had intimate knowledge of these normally invisible dimensions, the basis of all religion and true metaphysics."

Mentioning shamanism, at times, elicits feelings of a lack of credibility because it is both mysterious and unscientific. Knowing about the existence of beta, alpha, theta, and delta brain waves and how they function, can serve to eliminate those doubtful thoughts and replace them with credibility. It also serves to make it possible for martial artists to add another dimension to their intention and daily practice.

Anna Wise, in her book, “Awakening the Mind”, specifically teaches us about the various brain waves and how we can both access and use them. There are four main brain wave patterns: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Quoting Anna Wise, “Beta provides the conceptual framework and the descriptive words that define and render precise intellectual delineation of the situation. Alpha provides sensory input and illustrates the content through imagery and sensualization. It also links the conscious mind to the subconscious. Theta provides the subconscious, inner information or wisdom. In its pure form, this is not experienced with clear imagery, rather having the hazy, dreamlike qualities of deep internal reverie. When alpha and theta are experienced together, the theta provides the depth and profundity of the material and the alpha provides the clarity and lucidity of vivid imagery. Delta provides the unconscious instinctual and intuitive input, which can be seen as access to the universal mind, or the collective.”

The ability to meditate and access all four of these states is essential to the martial artist. As Munenori states, “stilling the mind” is the supreme achievement. It is this ability which accesses the knowing what an opponent will do before they do it. Your conscious awareness is “inside” your opponent. And this is where you are when you practice “stilling the mind” in reference to the healing arts.

Anna Wise has studied the brain waves of many chi kung masters and healers from various backgrounds all over the world. She says, “The most consistent similarity among all healers is the production of high-amplitude delta waves”. She reports having measured the brain waves of Dr. Ni Wen Den of Lukang, Taiwan as having profound amplitude in delta waves while performing a healing session. He says that when he does a healing, “The heart and the brain come together, and the energy comes out of my hands..” He says of meditation, “Meditation and mastery are related. Mediation, as long as it is done correctly, helps the chi flow in your body...When chi is flowing smoothly, your emotions calm down, reach a state of clarity of mind; then the intuition comes, so when one is facing difficult situations or problems in life, he/she can react promptly and properly.” Again we are reminded that stilling the mind is an important aspect of living.

Being of sound mind and body are essential to the martial artist. The effects of meditation have been clearly, scientifically researched and validated by hundreds of scientific studies. Meditating increases mental clarity, mind body coordination, physical capacity and functioning, and decreases health problems. It has been discovered that those who meditate using this technique for as little as five years, show a biological age of up to twelve years younger than their chronological age. This means that a sixty year old man or woman who meditates regularly will have a body that functions and performs like a forty-eight year old. It should be mentioned that there are many forms to practice stilling the mind. What is noteworthy are the effects of meditating for the martial artist and the fact that it is an important aspect of daily training.

Learning to still the mind assists us in accessing the deeper brain waves of theta and delta. A calm mind can help us use the powerful electromagnetic field of the heart to entrain with a client and assist them in their healing process. As Dr. Ni says, his heart and brain come together and the energy comes out of his hands. In a study done by Kusaka Seto, it was discovered that the energy emitted from the hands of Masters in the martial arts can be up to 1,000 times as powerful as the energy from the heart. This is a clear example of the heart and brain coming together and producing a powerful healing field. This can be the outcome for any martial artist who consciously trains with the intention of developing their healing capacity.

As a matter of fact, it was also discovered that studying the martial arts, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and doing hands on healing can develop the bodies ability to use coherent light.

The Body Magnificent

All martial artists are aware of the need to train their body. Thousands of hours go into training the instrument in order to achieve the coveted black belt. The following information will give even more awareness of what this instrument can achieve and how it is used for healing.

The body’s cells have the piezoelectric property of matter. As James Oschman states in his book, “Energy Medicine, the Scientific Basis,” “The body is made of crystals which are piezoelectric. This means they generate electric fields when they are stretched or compressed.” They also generate electric fields when sound, light, physical pressure through touch, and/or other electromagnetic fields are applied to them. Noting further, the cell changes from a gel to a solution when any of the above forms of energy are applied.

Mr. Oschman states, “Another effect of the gel-to-sol and return to gel transitions is the release of toxins that have been trapped in the sponge-like interstices of the ground substance. It is likely that toxins and metabolic waste products can accumulate in connective tissues, particularly in areas that have become densified as a response to trauma or structural imbalance. This process is called storage excretion.”

The piezoelectric effect and the storage excretion attributes mentioned are important factors in healing. This is what Rosalyn Bruyere has to say about trauma in her book, “Wheels of Light”, "Data that goes into the subconscious during a trauma cannot be released from the subconscious until a shift of the same magnitude or intensity is again attained. As a result, though we might be able to recall the traumatic event, we cannot change any attitude we may have toward the experience (trauma). Neither can we alter how we feel or release the experience until we reach the amplitude of the original traumatic event again." How is this information important to the martial artist? Let’s first consider another aspect of the intelligent instrument we train everyday and then bring these facts together to see the whole picture.

Again from James Oschman: “Research on electrically polarized molecular arrays reveals that interactions repeated by the millions of molecules within a cell membrane, tendon, muscle, bone, nerve cell, or other structure, give rise to huge coherent or laser-like vibrations. The vibrations are collective or cooperative phenomena, in which all of the weakly vibrating parts in the presence of an electric field, become coupled. The result is a strong, orderly, and stable vibration that is far more than the sum of the individual vibrations.”

The body is comprised of liquid crystals or collagen molecules that can use coherent light to produce strong, orderly, and stable vibrations. The earth constantly emits, what scientists call, geophysical radiation and the heavenly bodies (sun, moon, stars etc.) constantly emit celestial radiation. Another name for these forms of radiation is coherent light or laser-like vibrations!

It has been said by masters of the martial arts, that the martial artist is the bridge between heaven and earth. Knowing that our body has the capacity to use celestial and geophysical radiation, give this old adage scientific significance. We are literally the bridge when we use this coherent light in a healing practice by building strong, stable energy fields that can release the toxins held in the body due to trauma.

Let’s put the above information into layman terms and view the whole picture. Imagine being terrified. Your body secretes adrenaline in order to respond using the instinctive fight or flight mechanism. The adrenaline rushes into every cell in your body to respond with enormous power and speed. The emotions of this event are contained in each adrenaline crystal and form a holographic imprint that is now locked into the cell membrane along with the adrenaline. Imagine it enters your body with a specific amplitude. On a scale of ten, it enters with an amplitude of five. Now it is locked into place. According to Rosalyn Bruyere, this trauma will stay trapped until an equal or greater amplitude of energy is applied.

A martial artist, who has studied with the intent to assist others in their healing process, can help release this trauma. This person has acquired the ability to use all of the brain waves through concentrated meditation practices, thus enabling him/her to access the deep states of delta and instinctively discover where the trauma is located in the body.

The “Practitioner” (used to denote the person in the healing capacity), then meditates with the client, bringing this person into a stable vibration. A person, who through practice, has developed the ability to hold a powerful field within themself, has the ability to “couple” the energy field of the clients brain and heart to them. Now both fields are stable and an amplitude of equal or greater magnitude can be formed. Remember the quote from Dr. Ni, “Meditation, as long as it is done properly, helps the chi flow in your body....” This flowing chi establishes the powerful magnetic field to entrain the client.

Next, using intuition as found in the deep delta states, she/he can use touch, sound, physical pressure, and the electromagnetic field emanating from their heart and hands to produce the amplitude necessary for the cell to go from a gel to solution and have the traumatic toxins release. From gel to solution can be understood by using the example that the cell is made of a jello-like substance which turns into a liquid when pressures are applied. When the pressure is reduced, after the toxins have released, the liquid returns to the Jell-O state.

In summary, the martial artist, through meditation and daily practice of his/her art, can acquire the ability to become a bridge between heaven and earth and use their body as a vehicle of coherent light, in order to assist in the healing of another person, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.
Drink Water
One last, and vital, piece of science is essential for martial artists. Rigorous physical activity requires water to rehydrate the cells allowing the body to function as an efficient machine. Without it, we would literally dry up and die. The work of scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan, adds another dimension to the incredible power of water. He has written more than four books on his research. In his, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, we find that water becomes the physical signature of any frequency that is directed towards it. He uses technology that flash freezes water and takes pictures of its crystalline structure. He played classical music to it and took pictures of the beautiful crystals this music forms. He played metallic rock and noticed that crystals would not even form due to the cacophony!
He has taken water from the most polluted sources in Japan, and found no crystals at all. Then, he invited people to enter a room where this water was displayed and asked them to pray for it. Retaking the pictures found that, just by praying for the water, the pollutants disappeared and beautiful crystals formed! Perhaps even more amazing, was the experiment he performed by writing the word Satan on a piece of paper and taping it on a bottle to discover that crystals would not form. Just by writing the words, “Love”, “Gratitude”, and “Thank you”, and taping them to the bottle, beautiful crystals formed!
The water became the physical signature of the vibration
of any thought taped to the bottle!

This is important because we learn that thought is vibration and these vibrations (thoughts) effect how we perform as martial artists. Our body is 70% water. Whatever we think, 70% of our body becomes, and those thoughts are then communicated throughout every cell in our body. Our mind produces thoughts; we become those thoughts!

When we decide to use our body as a bridge between heaven and earth, we can use our thoughts to influence the water in both our self and our client’s body. If just taping a word to a bottle of water can effect its crystal structure, imagine what concentrated intention can do to the water in a clients’ body during a healing session. As martial artists, we can still our mind, connect to the deep state of universal consciousness through delta brain waves, and use our magnificent instrument as a vehicle of healing.

In summary, our body is an incredibly intelligent instrument capable of multiple uses both for self-defense and assisting others and ourself to heal. We have the ability to create electromagnetic fields by using meditation techniques to still the mind and enter deeper states of awareness. These deeper states access the power of the heart to create energy fields that extend far beyond our body and entrain clients to a more stable vibration. These stable and amplified fields can access trauma and release it. Using the power of heartfelt intention, we can influence the water cells of clients and share in their healing, assist in their changes, and witness their transformation.

Connecting the Hearts of Earth and Heaven

It was mentioned that many forms of meditation can help us access the deeper brain waves and states of awareness that develop the abilities to become a vessel for healing. Below is the meditation that has been refined over eighteen years while developing the alternative healing method Chi-Aura Integration.

Meditation: Connecting With The Hearts of Earth and Heaven

Sit comfortably on a chair with your feet on the floor, back straight without contacting the chair, and hands on your knees or cupped in your lap. Take several deep breaths to calm your mind and relax. Each time you shift your focus to the next part of your body, say “Thank You” three times.

Bring your attention to the beating heart of the Earth. As her heart beats from deep within her center, you can sense it. Sense her colors, size, shape, texture, vibration, sound, and symbols. Notice what you sense.

Focus your attention on the soles of your feet. By concentrating on this chakra, the energy is drawn upward, touches your feet, and enters your body. Notice that by simply concentrating on that spot, the energy is automatically drawn into your legs. Remain at this point from two to three minutes.

Next, begin to concentrate on the chakra behind your knees. Sense the Heart of the Earth at the point behind your knees. Remain at this point two or three minutes. You may begin to sense the energy in the muscles of your lower legs as the energy enters your body from the Heart of the Earth.

Begin to focus on the first Chakra. By simply concentrating, the energy moves. There is no need to force it. It is automatically drawn there by focusing at this point. You may sense it entering from the soles of your feet, going up your legs and thighs and entering the 1st Chakra. Remain at this point two or three minutes.

Next draw your attention to the 2nd Chakra. The energy moves to this point simply by focusing your mind. Remain here two or three minutes.

Move your attention to the 3rd Chakra. Simply by concentrating, the energy moves from the Heart of the Earth into the soles of your feet, and all of the other points. Remain here two or three minutes.

Repeat this exercise all the way to the 7th Chakra (Crown Chakra). Now you can feel the energy open the top of your head and shoot all the way into the Heart of the Heavens. As his heart beats, notice the way you sense it.

As the energy from the Heart of the Earth reaches the center of the Heavens, you realize you can sense energy moving from the Heavens downward. It enters your body at the Crown and moves downward into the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, behind the knees, out of the soles of the feet and goes deep into the Heart of the Earth.

Sense the molecules of energy both upwards and downwards. As they pass each other in your body, the connected Hearts of Heaven and Earth create a vibration. This is the vibration of Love and Light into which all things are brought into wholeness. Experience this sensation for two or three minutes.

Now focus on the column of Love and Light moving within your body collecting in your heart Chakra. Feel it leave your heart and enter the chakra in your armpits. Feel this for two or three minutes.

The energy now moves into the insides of your elbows. Feel this for two or three minutes.

Now it enters your palms. Feel this for two or three minutes.

At this point, pick your hands up, face the palms towards each other, and imagine the energy coming into your left hand, through your heart, out your right hand and back into your left. Make a circle of light move faster and faster and then reverse the circle causing the light to go up the right, through the heart and out the left. Again, make it go extremely fast and reverse it again. This will assist you in feeling the thickness of energy as it moves in your body.


As you progress with your meditation, less time is required at each Chakra. Once you can feel the energy at each point, you can lessen the amount of time at each Chakra and move into the final step. Remember to meditate for at least three minutes at a time. The more time you can set aside for your meditation the better. If you have difficulty setting aside large amounts of time in one session, it is better to meditate for three minutes a day than not at all.
In the beginning, it is important to go through all stages of this meditation in order to stay safe, balanced, and connected to both Heaven and Earth.