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Pre-Session Check-in


At this time, you are establishing rapport with your client. Sit across from them in a comfortable manner while they give you their intentions for the session. This is an important time to open yourself  to the column of energy vibrating through you from the Hearts of Heaven and Earth.

I consider this one of the most important aspects of the session because it connects you  directly to dimensions of non-ordinary reality and gives you access to both your guides as well as the guides of the client. You can feel them enter the room as the person speaks.

As the client tells you what they want physically, emotionally, and spiritually, pay close attention to the sensations within your body.  I begin to enter deeper alpha states and involuntarily jerk as they become congruent with what they need as a next step in their transformational process and what their guides will be assisting them with in today´s session. It is as though the guides are nudging me saying, "Pay attention to that because it is what we´re working on today!"

Also, it seems that I am looking at them as if they are an x-ray. I see areas within their bodies that are gray or darker than others and can feel that restrictions of energy exist in these places. Simply pay attention to your sensations and you will be guided where to place your hands during the session.

After they have told you want they want, give them an idea of what can happen in the session by giving the information as found on the page in "Embracing Mother Earth".