Healing, learning, personal development.

Embracing Mother Earth


The Earth opens and we enter her embrace. I am not a healer. I  do not heal you. What I do is synchronize with Earth by entering the state of Alpha. (Alpha is the state in which brain waves are measured at 7.8-8.0 htz. It is the state of deep relaxation in which we are directly connected to our divinity; to our deep creativity).

You will lay on the table and I will begin with a  back massage using body lotion. I will place my hands along your chakras (energy centers in the body). You may have a variety of experiences: You may feel heat from my hands, or tingling in your body. Your body may involuntarily jerk or move in large rhythmic waves as the energetic patterns rearrange.

You may enter into deep emotions and laugh, cry, sing, chant, scream, pound the table or simply lie there silent and motionless the entire time. Allow your body wisdom to guide you. Your body knows what you need to heal.

As we proceed with the session, I may enter your deep emotion as the energy extends out of my hands into your body. I may laugh, cry, scream, sing, chant or make a variety of sounds as the Earth filters whatever is inside of you through me for your healing.

This session contains Shamanistic elements as animal spirits assist in the healing. I may make growling sounds to stir the energy in your chakras. The Earth will draw the stirred up energy out of your body and take it through mine as she draws it deep into her womb and heals it. She will return it to you with Light and Love as I place my third eye on the area from which it was drawn.

She uses my body as a filter and I am kept  safe by her deep healing powers.  As a beam of light penetrates  my entire body, I am connected from the Heavens into the Earth.

The Template - The Body´s Blueprint
The underlying purpose of Chi-Aura Integration is to develop an energy body capable of receiving high intensity Universal Chi.  Clients and practitioners alike are restructuring their energy body blueprint, and activating the DNA on a cellular level to receive "LIGHT". The Light raises consciousness and opens hearts and minds to the inner knowledge that we are connected to the Divine.

By-products of both giving and receiving this work are increased physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Prayer Or Invocation
We ask our guides to assist us in entering our Divinity so that we may assist others in entering their Divinity and we may all help heal the Earth.

We also ask that (client)  be given specific information for their personal growth as well as the ability to put that information into action to fulfill their highest purpose.

Final Prayer
After the client has been integrated with the last technique, say  the following prayer: "We thank all here present who have assisted in this healing!"

This demonstrates our gratitude for the healing that took place and allows the guides to return to their world.

Post Session Check-In
After the session the client will lie alone for a few minutes integrating the work. They will get dressed and answer a few questions. This serves a variety of purposes: Answering the questions brings them back into Beta Brain waves so they can drive home safely; it allows them to share their experience; and it gives you an opportunity to give them specific information after the work is completed.

Tell them their energy bodies have been rearranged. They could respond to this new state of being in different ways. For the next three days in particular, they could feel incredibly energetic or want to sleep. They could be joyful and ecstatic or feel depressed. A sense of renewed health could be the result or they might feel ill due to the releasing of toxins. They may roller coaster going up and down emotionally and energetically; or they could simply have a sense of stability and calm as the new patterns emerge in their lives.

All the above experiences could be the result of the session and the energy moving in new patterns. Whatever happens usually stabilizes in three days. If there are any questions, have them call you and you will say to them, "What you are experiencing can be a result from the work we did and will probably level off in three days."

"Healing Crisis" in homeopathy, and "Law of Cure" in acupuncture are the technical terms for what appears to be negative results of a healing session. What happens is healing takes place by eliminating the trauma held in the body as a result of an old physical/emotional injury or sickness. Clients may re-experience the past trauma as it moves out of its holding pattern and releases. These are natural  results of "Energy-Medicine".