Healing, learning, personal development.

All workshops and private sessions transform negative beliefs, trapped emotions, and self-sabotaging habits that limit your true potential.

Chi-Aura Intergation Level One Workshop
Mindfullness and Magic

We have an incredible opportunity to use the higher vibrations inundating Earth to transform old patterns, and realize our full potential! Visit: to witness what is happening and join us at Eagleroad

Energy Medicine and Practical Magic

The intention for all workshops and private sessions in 2015 is to assist you to find in your heart:
* the hidden passageway for your spiritual awakening
* the point from which the entire universe arises
* to create a space in your heart for transformation to take place by allowing grace and love to enter:

From The Heart-Mind Matrix ( Joseph Chilton Pearce):
The Purpose of All Emotional Pain is To Awaken You out of The Dreaming Mind and Jolt you Back into Pure Conscious Awareness! .... When you are living as this divine pure awareness, nothing can hurt you or upset you emotionally. You are in direct connection with the God Source and can see everything as a gift, blessing your soul on it's sacred infinite journey through eternity. This is the most empowering approach you can have towards your life. Anytime something or someone cuts into you so deeply that it punctures your psyche and tortures your core, it also creates a hidden passageway for you to reach in and find a deeper spiritual awakening.

There is only one heart and in the center or cave of the heart there's a point from which the entire universe arises and radiates outwardly.

Karl Pribam proposed that the brain draws its information needed to create our world experience from a frequency spectrum or realm not in time space but in effect giving rise to time experience, all of which proved to arise and radiate from our heart.

Eckart Tolle: As far as inner transformation is concerned, you can do nothing to transform yourself. You can do nothing to transform your partner, and you certainly cannot transform anyone else. What you can do is create a space for transformation to take place, and allow grace and love to enter.

All workshops and sessions provide tools to feel and enhance your inner light.

--Two day Workshops
Pre-register for workshop and sessions directly at: or call 2929 3399 after September d.01

March d.5 & d.6
10 am until 6pm
Krogdalsvej 10
8660 Skanderborg
Pris: 1000 dkr per day
Call to reserve a room: 80 dkr per night Tif: 4078 8377
Telefontid hverdage: 9:00 - 16:00
Bring your own food and snacks
Pre-register directly at or call 2929 3399 after June d.01

Caution: Transformation in Progress!!

When a group of high caliber, passionate people gather together to make a difference in their lives, the power and potential of the transformational process is magnified. Deep traumatic life issues can be released, at the cellular level, and integrated into wholeness.

The two day workshop is going to include aspects of personal transformation that will excite you! You will discover if your most valued personal goals have subconscious sabotaging beliefs that prevent you from accomplishing them.

You cannot rationally talk your subconscious into changing inner beliefs. You will learn techniques to erase these inner limits, as well as how to design affirmations that are specifically created for your uniqueness.

Specific Details:

We design personal goals and affirmations to guide us on our path toward wholeness. Example: I want to be financially independent, and use the resources to assist others.

Even though this goal serves you and others, it may contain underlying subconscious beliefs called phychological reversals, that prevent it from happening.

You will list your major goals, and then use techniques that will uncover any psychological reversals that prevent your success.

You may be aware of negative beliefs that currently effect your progress. Example: I am not good enough, or smart enough to be successful!

You will list these known beliefs and then learn which ones most powerfuly effect you now, as well as those that do not impact your life. For example: one participant on a recent workshop thought he had the limiting belief, "I don't deserve to be successful!"

Using techniques from the workshop, he discovered this was not a limiting belief. With this knowledge, he devoted his time effectively and efficiently in transforming those beliefs that did negatively effect his life.

We will continue to activate the Merkabah Body in each class (Youtube: Merkabah, the chariot of Ascension). If you are new to this practice, you will easily learn the method. If you have attended previous workshops, you will deepen your ability to activate this energy for personal growth, and use these skills with others.

Beginners must attend on Saturday in order to attend Sunday. Those who participated on other workshops, may attend either one or both days. Class size is limited to twenty participants. Please register early.

Join us to experience the new energies and change your life. Both you and your clients will be able to dissolve limiting belief patterns, and accelerate your transformation.

Our vision becomes reality when we open our hearts in service for each other; witness the changes; and celebrate the transformations. Pre-Register for workshops directly at or call 2929 3399 after June d.01

Kontact Timothy Dunphy- Tlf. 2929 3399