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Chi-Aura Integration’s Relevance to Acupuncture

Chi-Aura Integration (Chi-A) is an alternative healing method using the vital life force. This is also emphasized in acupuncture. Quoting from, “Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis”, “A brilliant overview of biological information as it applies to acupuncture has been provided by a leading scientist/acupuncturist, Yoshio Manaka (Manaka et al 1995). The work has significance for all therapeutic approaches. Manaka began to integrate modern scientific research and classical East Asian or Oriental medical theory with a system he refers to as the X-signal system. As a concept, the X-signal system acknowledges that there are unknown aspects of energy and information flow....In Manaka’s X-signal system, there are many unknown communication circuits and informational units.”

“Manaka conceptualized the X-signal system to represent a ‘primitive’ regulatory system that is different from the classical nervous and hormonal systems. The X-signal system is primitive in the sense that it arose in evolution long before the nervous system....”

“Manaka demonstrated that the X-signal system is separate from the nervous system by describing the various treatments used in Oriental medicine that profoundly affect the body...While primitive in comparison to the nervous/hormonal systems, the X-signal system is extremely important and potent in the human body, as it regulates the communication and cellular migrations involved in defense against disease and wound healing.”

Other names that can be substituted for the X-signal system, in my opinion, are “vital life force”, qi, chi, ka, élan vital, and many others, depending on the healing methods origin. Chi-A courses give instruction on how to become aware of, magnify, “read”, and employ the information contained in this energy for the betterment of the client. Diplomates learn to use the sub-modalities of meridian and global point content, thus increasing their ability to expertly diagnose and decide upon specific treatments bringing balance to their clients.

While speaking of acupuncture and other healing methods that emphasize treating the body’s energy system, James Oschman, in “Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis”, states, “In some cases, an imbalanced system is restored by introducing a signal that cancels a discordant or pathological frequency that is disturbing the body...In bodywork and movement therapies, the emanations from the therapists own tissues can provide electromagnet information that opens or augments vital communications in a patients tissues.”

Chi-Aura Integration (Chi-A) courses develop the diplomates awareness and use of the vital life force within their own body enhancing the effect their tissues have on the outcome of the treatment. Scientific studies demonstrate that the heart produces the strongest electromagnet field in the body which extends at least fifteen feet beyond it. With awareness of the vital and subtle information contained in this field, the diplomate is taught how to read the signals within her/himself, and within the client, that indicate imbalances in the energy system. More precise needling can be applied with this additional information.

Acupuncture stimulates “acupoints” along meridians to adjust the vital energy restoring balance and health. Chi-A prepares the diplomate to enter a state of balance within her/himself in order to “read” the vital energy more accurately. The Chi-A meditation, “Connecting the Hearts of Heaven and Earth”, can develop the “Awakened Mind State” thus giving the diplomate increased ability to effect entrainment with the client. Entrainment then induces the “relaxation response” which strengthens the immune system, reduces blood lactates, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and improves the natural functioning of all organs, thus releasing muscle tension and improving overall health.

The diplomate increases their ability to read information in the client by becoming more sensitive to their own “Twelve Gates” and the sub-modalities of energetic sensitivity contained within them. The “Twelve Gates” are the seven chakras and five other major acupoints contained in the meridians.

Diseases and injuries are healed when the body’s complex biochemicals are initiated into action and coordinated through its signaling systems. Chi-A and acupuncture stimulate these signaling systems into action which increases the healing response. With Chi-A, the diplomate learns to become sensitive, through the responses in their own body, to the signaling systems of the client, which go beyond the meridian system, thus enhancing the treatments overall effectiveness.

Acupuncturists evaluate correct needle placement by their ability to “get qi” during its insertion. In Chi-A, the diplomate learns a similar response of “getting qi” by feeling their response as a “whole body magnetic instrument” and paying attention to their unique sub-modality responses while interacting with the client. They are taught to become sensitive to “getting qi” by placing their hands on specific areas and “waiting” for the “inner signal” that tells them where to place the needles.

Acupuncture uses global points, zones of treatment, homunculi, “ashi points”, and trigger points in their treatment protocol, which, when needled, can produce a healing response that affects many diseases. Chi-A increases a diplomates sensitivity to these specific points and zones of treatment which produce these same effects.

This skill is taught with the concept of “Tensegrity”, which states that the entire body is an integrated and connected whole, in which balance or imbalance in one area, effects the entire structure. This concept allows the diplomate to increase their sensitivity to include areas of the body which may not lie on the traditional acupoint meridian system.

Besides needling, acupuncture uses herbs, cupping, moxibustion, determining the condition of the tongue, acupressure, and electric stimulation to augment a session. Chi-A, because it is effective in producing the relaxation response in the client, and increases the diplomates ability to bring the client into entrainment, can also be a powerful additional tool included in the treatment protocol.
PDA Points and Chi-Aura Integration

Chi-Aura Integration is relevant to acupuncture because it develops the practitioner’s ability to improve their effectiveness in treating clients. Understanding scientific principles enhance their cognitive use of techniques to effect change and produce positive results. Personally experiencing the effectiveness of techniques during the course, improves their personal health. Witnessing personal change anchors the benefits of course content, making it available for clients.

Course content is devoted to classroom discussion and lectures about data, hand positions, and the practical application of giving sessions, as well as allowing ample time for practice. Each student experiences being both a practitioner and client. Course content teaches how to treat clients as a whole: mindbodyspirit. It involves practical ways to access their physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Meditation techniques develop the deeper brain waves of Alpha, Theta, and Delta allowing diplomates to “receive” intuitive information that can provide reasons why the client is in pain. Various hand positions, and specific patterns of administering them, are taught, which alleviate pain with correct application.

Scientific studies have demonstrated that the “state of being” of the practitioner is crucial to positive outcomes of a healing session. The practitioners brain waves entrain the client to their own, thus deeply effecting the clients state. This course develops the practitioners’ “state of being” and teaches a powerful meditation that augments this quality. The client enters the relaxation response by entraining to the practitioner, thus increasing the efficiency of their immune system. The effectiveness of the needling is enhanced.

Application of Skills Learned

Following lecture and discussion, diplomates administer Chi-Aura Integration techniques in relationship to acupuncture protocol. They are taught specific hand positions used in definitive ways to accomplish this from the “Pre-session Interview” to the “Post-Session Check-in”. The physical techniques taught, give them specific methods to be used in conjunction with traditional needling. The scientific data given, allows them to think critically, in new ways, about evaluating client needs while noticing outcomes.

The meditation, “Connecting the Hearts of Earth and Heaven” develops a relationship to Unity Consciousness, thus enabling deeper access to their intuitive abilities. Accessing deeper brain waves increases their electromagnetic field, thus making client/diplomate entrainment stronger. Entrainment develops the clients “relaxation response” causing it to function more efficiently.

Another method of engaging the “relaxation response” is by teaching the “Rosenberg Protocol” used within the cranial-sacral paradigm. This protocol releases the vagus nervous and the 10th cranial nerve that produces an entire body response. Using this technique before needling, relaxes the “surface” tension, and allows deeper results faster.
Classroom Strategies for Monitoring Success

Progress is assessed by asking questions to determine the practitioners confidence in performing assigned tasks; their ability to explain the science involved; and their overall sense of satisfaction with administering the material during a session. Another important assessment is done by having the “client” give specific feedback on the effectiveness of the practitioners skill. Group discussion follows each assignment. Continual observation during assignments is essential to the overall assessment.

Each student downloads a 38 page manual which includes the entire course content. Class time is devoted to the material by lecture, blackboard presentations to highlight key points, and discussion. There is space allowed to take notes on the sides of each page in the manual.

At least one technique is demonstrated on each student, giving them direct experience with course material. Class content includes “hands on” practice ensuring a firm understanding of the methods used in a session. Group discussion follows every assignment, and more demonstrations , to clearly show the effectiveness and value for being included in the acupuncture protocol.

In Summary

Chi-A teaches sensitivity to body energy and structure, both through touch and awareness of the electromagnetic fields, by observation and how the client’s field interacts with that of the diplomate.

Diplomates are taught a specific meditation that accesses the deeper brain waves of Alpha, Theta, and Delta and how to administer a treatment from these expanded states.

Chi-A teaches how to access the sub-modalities of the emotional content of physical pain, and how to address and witness the changes, and correct the imbalances in body structure.

Einstein says, “You cannot solve a problem by using the same level of thinking that created it.” Thought is frequency. Chi-A demonstrates methods to change the frequencies (vibrations) of chronic pain and, thus, initiate a healing response.

Techniques are learned that integrate the Twelve Gates of Gratitude which increases the vibratory level and balance of the Seven Chakras and five other acupoints located strategically in the body.

Chi-Aura Integration courses include combinations of the most recent western scientific principles, as well as the fundamentals of Eastern concepts of energy, to provide a profound healing experience.